About the filmmakers

Jurakán: Nation in Resistance is Gonzalo Mazzini and Rosa Emmanuelli Gutierrez’s first

full-length documentary. When Mazzini visited Puerto Rico for the first time in 2013, he observed that the Puerto Rican flag always waved behind the U.S. flag, why? he wondered. Having lived in Puerto Rico for most of her life, Rosa told him, “Puerto Rico is a colony”, but was surprised to realize how little she knew about her own country’s history. Together they borrowed equipment from family and friends, and ventured on a journey to answer the daunting question, what does it mean to be Puerto Rican? Jurakán is the riveting result of their search for answers.

They are currently working on their next documentary project which will focus on the personal experiences of extraordinary Boricua communities in Puerto Rico and the United States who defy colonialism's obstacles with their wits, unity and solidarity.

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