"Jurakán is a powerful force. It provides a panoply of voices that comprise today’s Puerto Rico, interspersed within a critical telling of the island’s history and description of the challenges faced by its inhabitants today.  Jurakán does more than inform: it reveals the rich soul of the people who call the island home. Prepare to have all naïve assumptions about Puerto Rico ripped from their moorings."

         -- Bruce Friesen, Sociology Chair, University of Tampa

Jurakán is the only documentary that studies 120 years of Puerto Rican history. Featuring forty-one professionals; historians, lawyers, sociologists, economists, artists, and more. Jurakán is an in-depth analysis of colonialism's motivations and effects in the human psyche, the sociopolitical structures and colonial law.
Jurakán is an essential teaching tool for:
  • Latin American & Caribbean Studies
  • Racial and Ethnic Studies
  • Puerto Rican Studies & US History
  • Political Science
  • Film and Media Studies
This award-winning documentary is also a fascinating addition to public library collections.


  • Scene Selection

  • English and Spanish Subtitles

  • Bonus Material

  • Study Guide PDF


Running Time: 90 minutes

Screenshots from "Jurakán: Nation in Resistance"

Already acquired by prestigious Universities: Yale, Stanford, Princeton, and more!

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