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Behind the scenes

In the last 10 years, we have interviewed more than 100 people from different regions and professions: artists, activists, organizers, family members, academics, politicians and farmers.


Our greatest motivation has been to seek answers to the colonial problem. We have opened our ears to diverse voices and we have come to the conclusion that each town, each community, each perspective contributes a piece of truth.

Our mission is to learn and share what we learn. In this way we want to contribute towards a better understanding of the Puerto Rican, Caribbean and Latin American reality. We consider this work as a service, and with humility, we share our learnings through this collection of documentaries.

In hopes of contributing to the growth of our society, we hope that these narratives inspire reflection and dialogue. We believe that by better understanding diverse experiences and perspectives, we can move toward a more informed and united society.

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Rosa Emmanuelli Gutiérrez

Puerto Rican

director, creative producer

Gonzalo Mazzini


director, producer, creative editor


¿How it began?

The Jurakán collection was born in 2017
whenNation in Resistance It started with its screening tours through Puerto Rico and the United States.

The toursThey were a lung effort,
made possible thanks to the solidarity of manys people we met on our tour.

In each presentation, at the end of the film, we always open the forum to the audience to talk.
In those conversationsations we shared tears, hugs, reflections and many questions.
Those interactions informed and inspired the idea of making a collection
that responds directly to the
people's feelings.

The most recurring question during our tour became the driving force behind our next documentary, "The Strength of the People." AND in a wayliker, after meeting and talking with the diasporasIn the United States, "Memories from Out There" emerged, focused on the history of the Puerto Rican community of Humboldt Park in Chicago.

The dialogue between our
cinema and its audience continorto.


100 events
15,000+ spectators

40 schools

49 cities and towns
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