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Colonialism during the Climate Crisis
and the Role of Movies in Society



We offer lectures to university faculty and students to share our multidisciplinary findings in the field of documentary films.

Students will comprehend the complex Puerto Rican situation. The lecture objectives are to: ​ 


1. Analyze the legal and economic structures that sustain colonialism in Puerto Rico. 

2. Examine its impact on people's daily lives.

3. Highlight the decolonial solutions proposed by different communities.

4. Assess the threat posed by the climate crisis.

5. Discuss and reflect on the historical importance of the stories that we tell ourselves within the aforementioned processes, from our perspective as filmmakers. 

Who am I?

Rosa Emmanuelli Gutiérrez, a sociologist turned filmmaker, is co-creator of the Jurakán Documentaries Collection.


Rosa has 9 years of experience in the field studying Puerto Rico's complex situation. Her perspective is the sum of multiple dialogues with more than 100 scholars, activists, farmers and community leaders. 


She offers a profound analysis on how social, economic and political crises are exacerbated by the climate crisis, which already affects Puerto Rico.


Several universities use Jurakán as classroom material, including Stanford, Yale, NYU, and UCLA.


Her next documentary about the Puerto Rican community in Chicago, currently in production,

received a MacArthur Foundation grant.


Rosa was a keynote speaker at DePaul University's The Transformative Humanities: A Symposium on Racial and Social Justice.



What is colonialism? How does it manifest? 

What are colonialism's real impacts? 

How are the climate crisis and social crises related? 

What role do movies play within civilization?


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